Friday, January 05, 2007


Back when I was working in the computer games biz, we were commissioned by a leading phone network company to design some cool games for their brand new WAP phones. (Showing my age now eh..?)

Anyway, as the company's ideas man, I was sent away to design some games within the severely limited boundaries specified by the WAP system. Just to give you an idea; there could be no MOVING graphics, two tone images only, and a tiny resolution to work with...equivalent to about two windows desktop icons sat side by side.

I managed to come up with this cool cops and robbers game. Believe was fun to play, incredible that we managed to get a prototype of this design running that was actually FUN, given the ridiculously limited hardware and connection bandwidth.

Anyway, the game was presented to the phone company and they blanched in horror at the graphic violence I'd depicted on the tiny screen. I think the headshot was what frightened them off.

I look back now, and can sort of see why. I mean...half the guy's head's coming off - hardly the sort of game little kiddies should be playing on their cell phones.


parmenion said...

pah when you consider what kids do play compared to they were so innocent back then!!

me im currently playing the graphic violent dig dug on my phone {grin}

AndyC said...

lol, how times have changed, nowadays they wouldn't think twice at a full colour full motion game on a phone, and just slap a age warning at the start.