Thursday, January 18, 2007


Jeeeez, this is absolutely crazy, ridiculous. Ahhh, you're thinking, 'this blogger thinks the allegations of rascism is yet another example of over-sensitivity.'

Au contraire.

I think those stupid, half-witted morons - the blonde one and the scouser - with their little to-and-fro about how 'them indians is all thin coz they eat wiv there fingers.' Jesus wept. Thanks to their ignorance, and boy...are they ignorant, that's how all us Brits will be viewed around the world. Because that little clip, rest assured, is being played over and over today on news programs around the world.

And boy, did they sound dumb. I mean, they successfully managed to make the trailer-trash studio audience of Dr Phil look smarter, and that's no mean achievement.

Should Channel 4 have aired it though? On reflection, I think, yes. For one simple reason, it demonstrates very clearly, to any would-be plancton-IQ ignoramuses (ignorami?) who intend to spout some wisdom on a foreign culture they know nothing about, how completely stupid they will look whilst doing it.


parmenion said...

yet another reason that i have never and never will watch big brother.

just hearing it on the news makes me cringe!

John Prigent said...

What do you expect from Four? It's almost enough to make me boycott the channel - but I don't want to give up Time Team, their only programme worth watching.

On the bright side, the Police are investigating now so the next clips on the news may show them invading the house to arrest the lowlifes.

AndyC said...

I'm surprised a caution hasn't been issued to the bullies! this sort of thing would never be tolerated in the work place, so why should it be tolerated on BB??

And they are even burning effigies in India over the treatment of (to them) a bollywood superstar! what has the rest of the egits in that house done????

I do hope that the bullies get their comuppance (sp?)