Monday, January 22, 2007


Oh this is joyous, priceless. A true gift.

So, the executive board for Channel 4 are meeting to discuss the recent allegations of rascism on BB, and there's the very real possibility that they'll can Big Brother as a result of what came out of Jade's big gob (and the other two z-listers).

It's poetic...ironic...poetically ironic even, that the most useless, notorious, creature spawned by that incredibly useless show - I speak of Jade Goody of course - should ultimately be the instrument for the show's demise.

I might even throw a Screw You BB party if C4 decide to axe the show. 'But what about all those fans out there? You know...the ones who watch 10-20 hours a week of that crap?' - I hear you ask. 'What are they gonna do now?'

Shucks, I dunno...maybe spend those 20 hours doing something more useful, like...lemmesee, interacting with their kids (yup, I know the demographic - mostly young single mums) instead of staring slack-jawed at the TV. Pffft...bunch of bloody bubble-heads.

I see in the papers today that she's supposedly suicidal over the whole thing. Well, look, she may be a big-mouthed peabrain, who's been made to look like a spiteful big-mouthed peabrain, but she'll bounce back after a week or two...I hope. Whilst I think she's an idiot with a big ego, I save my venom for the real culprits - the producers of BB.

I could quite happily see the production team all fall on their swords over this, hopefully Davina along with them; a manipulative bunch of overpaid, self-serving, media-muppet w**kers.

And there's always the hope that there'll be a knock on affect on the other Big Brother franchises around the world, and all the other 'me-too' franchises.


AndyC said...

Here Here.

Still didn't stop you from saying she'd make a good dinner guest??? hehe

I hope it does go, just brainless twaddle, and i might get to interact with the misses when these shows are supposed to be on...

parmenion said...

I am one of the few one of the brave one of those rare people who can say hand on heart they have never watched any of this tripe ever....hearing about it on the radio was painful enough.

good riddance to bad rubbish!

Anonymous said...

10% of C4's income comes from BB. It won't be axed, it's too important for them.

Ross Evans said...

Should they not at the very least, get rid of that awful Andy Duncan, character. The biggest news story of last week, and he turns up to his press conference looking like he's just stepped out of the local Wetherspoons, with stubble and a bad polo shirt. And then he gives the kind of piss weak response that makes Neville Chamberlain's appeasement speeches seem hardcore. Bah! Lew Grade would have toasted his arse.

Ankhsy said...

Jane Goody suicidal? Do I care? She'd be doing the human race a favour. I have never watched BB, but the one thing I fear about the morons that do....they also vote.