Sunday, January 14, 2007


That was fun to put together. Seriously, I love doing this kind of stuff.

But anyway, this is the year ELLIE QUIN comes out in print. By hook or by crook. Having recently finished my second thriller, and having lined up what I want to write about in the third, I've now got time to devote to getting EQ off the ground.

It's the sort of book that could be a cult book, an underground success, a natural for viral marketing and word-of-mouth promotion. It's also the project I'm most passionate about. I'm so desperate to see where these adventures will take Ellie, and I want to see more of this universe in which she lives; I want to know more about jimps, podkins and boojams!

It's time for her to emerge from stasis; to emerge from where I left her at the end of this first book. I'm going to use this blog to talk about Ellie Quin, my plans for the book, the series. to bed (it's late) ...and start mulling over the next book in the series.


Anonymous said...

Ellie Quin is gorgeous.

AndyC said...

A fan already! :-)