Friday, January 26, 2007



OhMyGod this is priceless! I thought it was a comedy sketch at first, something lifted from Saturday Night Live. I was peeing myself until the logo at the end, and then I realised. This is a 'serious' show on FOX. This is....hang on, deep breaths...

Okay, I'm good.

...this is a for-real show. The Big Idea? Take a bunch of D-list celebs, dress em' up like police, and have them enforce the law. I'm stunned, simply stunned.

Latoya Jackson looks bizarre doesn't she? She's the only sleb I recognise out of this sorry bunch. There's a bloke in the back row who looks like he might once have been on 'Chips', when he gave his 'not on my watch' speech I spurted coffee all over my keyboard.

Thanks for that.

Jeeeez...only in America for Gawds-sake. Actually, what am I saying? Next year no doubt, the MEN and MOTORS channel will have a similar show - ex-Eastenders dressed up in the blues and patrolling Moss Side. Mind you, I can just about see Ross Kemp in role...Latoya Jackson on the other hand?


AndyC said...

I think the phrase..

"Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear" springs to mind.

What ever will they think of next, celebrities becoming Paramedics or firefighters. all for the sake of viewing figures, if everyone switched off then these dumb shows wouldn't get made!

Although it would be hilarious to see a guy get nicked by
Grant/Phil Mitchell...heh.

parmenion said...

i think this may need a watch to see just how bad it really is....

Alex...what are you doing trawling men and motors... especially as after 10pm it should be called men motors and soft porn!!

Ankhsy said...

I cannot imagine a more unsuitable policewoman! She looks like she has a glass jaw & nose....OMG it's one of them Jacksons! She does have a glass jaw & nose!