Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well, I think I've nailed the apprentice I consider to be the biggest's good old Kevin Shaw.

A long time ago, I used to work in telesales, and the cubicles were full of guys like Kevin, who talked a good game, bigged themselves up, said they could do anything they put their mind to, and then left after couple of weeks, with cheeks blotchy-red from embarressment and egg running down their chin after failing to hit the basic sales target.

Hell, I failed too...but the difference was, I never trumpeted myself as a Gordon Gekko or a Jerry McGuire.

Basically then, Kevin seems to be something of a less-than-honest little weasel (as they all do I suppose at one point or another)....

Before: 'I know Italian food, guys. Yeah, certainly....I'm ideal being head chef. Oh yeah.'
After: 'Umm...No Sir Alan, I catagorically didn't want to be head chef. No Sir. No sirrreee. Nope.'

As for Simon, hmmm...I quite like the chap. I can why Alan quite likes him too. I suspect he considers Lance Corporal Simon Smith might be cut from similar cloth; a rough diamond with a bit of savvy. We'll see.

Prediction for a finalist? Well, it's still pretty early to make a call, but if I was going to shove some money on a couple of candidates they would be Lee McQueen (tall fella, dark hair...a poor man's Clive Owen) and Claire Young (Kerry Katona's marginally more attractive sibling)


Andy said...

so you noticed the look and sound of Dayffd had Marie and I in stitches. I was just waiting for the line!

As to the task, bunch of muppets. is all i can say! i hope they come up with better tasks, love the advertising ones as it's not about money but about presentation and image! to a bunch of real bonafide business people!

stevemosby said...

As things stand, for a final three, I'm betting on Raef, Simon and Jennifer.

I can't stand Raef on a hundred levels, but I thought he was great as team leader: did a quietly efficient job, keeping everyone on-side. Damn it.