Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay...I like Lucinda, I really do, she's nice. But, I really expected her team to tear her to pieces and eat her alive this week. I thought Lucinda simply wasn't psychotic enough to lead them. So...what a pleasant surprise that someone taking the lead in such a pleasant, courteous, consultative way, managed to get a general thumbs-up from her team.

It just goes to show, that after being nominated project manager, you don't have to sit every one down and give one of those 'I'm-the-bleedin'-BOSS-geddit?!' type speeches, to get a team pulling behind you. A little bit of courtesy seems to get the job done just as well.

Lucinda...the Queen of 'Nice'......ahhhh.

On the other hand, we had Jennifer, the Ice Queen. Actually though, perhaps that's a little unfair. She's slim, attractive and cool - sadly, that means she's guaranteed to be portrayed as a bitch. There's no escaping it.

Poor lass. But just know it makes for the perfect tabloid headline, doesn't it? Something along the lines of....

'Apprentice: Nice Queen Vs Ice Queen'

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Andy said...

I really was hoping that Claire - I'm a gobby cow - Young would get her comeuppance last night. really cannot stand that woman! but no!
Marie and I both screamed at the TV in chagrin that she won.

Lucinda, just drove such a good team everyone worked well and tried to get the job done. but where undone by simple small mistakes.
ho hum,

Although the gloating from Lucindas team that appeared to have happened in the house darkened it for them.

Roll on next week for some more shameless fun...LOL