Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Well, I finished editing LL today. I was in Starbucks as per usual, with my Estima black and a muffin, and put the final finishing touches to this version of the tale. It's been quite a substantial edit....much has changed with the conspiracy backstory, and there have been some shifts of emphasis on the three main character's travails.

I've also changed the ending in a way that should deliver an emotional climax that stays with you. It's one of my pet hates, particularly with thrillers, where the good guy sorts out the bad guys and thwarts their evil plans...JUST....in the nick of time. I've never understood why thriller writers stick to that template. It robs your tale of any tension whatsoever if you know the hero will ultimately always win....where's the sense of jeopardy? So...there is tension here in LL, somebody dies, somebody we get close to. I'm not saying who, but I'll say this....I honestly didn't know who it was going to be until the very last page.

Now, this has got to get past my agent and editor first. I'm not sure what they'll make of that. I think it's an ending that will stay in the reader's mind, they may well think it's too upsetting. We'll see....

Anyway, I'm done for now. There'll be another final pass when we approach the proofs stage.

Onto the next project - a screenplay. Something I'm working with my bro' on. I want to get a first draft in the bag before xmas.

And then after xmas, I really have to start thinking about the next goddamned book! Got some ideas, but they need a lot of gestating.


parmenion said...

Well done Alex, one day i hope to appreciate the feeling of completing a book...maybe...!!

Really looking forward to seeing this book on the shelves.

**take your right hand, reach behind your head...give yourself a pat on the back***

AndyC said...

Wahey, well done mate, you can relax now and enjoy the rigours of Christmas..hehe

Really looking forward o next year now, and seeing it proudly in the number 1 best sellers slot...

Mike Chester said...

Why tell us that a character is to be killed off?

That's just as bad as the expected heroic, last-minute ending.

All through the book I'll be wondering if it's one of the kids, the love interest, the good buddy, or the hero himself.

Alex Scarrow said...

Fair point Mike. Awww nuts, have to change the ending again.

Anonymous said...

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