Saturday, July 05, 2008


A little coffee-time teaser for you. A game I came up with this morning.

1. A room full of nervous people...and there are three spies in there amongst them.
2. The normal people are worried about having spies in their vicinity and their colour honestly depicts how worried they are.
3. Yellow people believe there is ONE spy in the nine squares surrounding them.
4. Red people believe there are TWO spies in the nine squares surrounding them.
5. But beware...the three spies in the room are well-practiced liars and can be appear as worried or relaxed as they want.

On which squares are the three spies?


Nikki said...

What is the answer? I've been working on it for months!

Alex Scarrow said...

I'll give you two out of the three spies:

4B, 1D

Nikki said...

Is the other one 3d?

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