Saturday, July 07, 2007

LIVE EARTH:...oh come on

Anyone seeing the irony here? I'm watching Madonna right now, as I write this. Fantastic stage show, fantastic danceing, music, lights...I mean, the entire stage backdrop is a mosaic of powerful 1000watt coloured bulbs, simply mesmerising and beautiful.

She's standing on that stage, in front of let's conservatively say, a million watts of lighting, prattling on about global warming and carbon burn. And the entire audience is like 'yeah...burning energy is like really bad, dude.'

I'm rendered speechless by such a staggeringly blatant demonstration of hypocracy, which Madge isn't entirely to be blamed for...she's just cynically working on her celebrity profile. No, I blame the organisers for putting together a show that signals on so many levels the wrong message, whilst supposedly soap-boxing the right message.

And I blame the entire cigarette lighter-waving audience in the auditorium for bleating the green message along with Madge whilst contributing to the horrendous carbon burn of tonight's Live Earth orgy by making their various car/train/tube/bus/taxi come along and support the good ol' green message.

Sheeeesh. If you want the cynical self-serving shits in power to take the global warming message seriously, this simply ISN'T the way to do it.



Schweinsberger said...

Flying for climate is like fucking for virginity.

AndyC said...

all i can say is i didn't watch it out of principle. As you say, using 1million watts of energy to promote climate change. total bollocks!

John Prigent said...

Live Earth is the kind of "event" that I wouldn't watch if offered money, never mind go to it. Pay attention to a bunch of hypocrites bent on publicity and without any actual understanding of the issues? Not on your life!

AndyC said...

and to top the total mistake it was, they hit a third of the viewing figures than the Diana concert had (4Million opposed to 12Million)
and the amount of complaints about acts being cut short and crap sound, an ignominious end to a pointless exercise