Wednesday, April 25, 2007

APPRENTICE: Drop Dead Stupid

Natalie...nice Natalie went this evening.

Hmmmm, she was right though, it was hard to pick a candidate to scalp and eviscerate before the altar of the Big Sugar. Perhaps, this time, there really wasn't a candidate who deserved Sir Alan's boot up the botty. I thought, for the first time in this series, what a nice bunch of hardworking young wannabee-suits they were.

No hissy-fits, no back stabbing, no alpha-candidate chest beating...for once they all seemed to play nice. Sheeeesh, I even found myself warming to Tre, Hell, I actually found him utterly charming.

In fact, I think this is what The Big Sugar should have said:

'You know what? Nobody screwed up this week. The team that lost, did so simply because they had the misfortune of picking a pompous and talentless sloane.'

Yup, the utterly charmless Elizabeth Hoff, with her gaudy, over-priced-Athena-Cards...yes, those tacky photographs of lips.


So completely repulsive was she, that she actually managed to make this series' motley collection of Sir Alan Botty-lickers, look like a very respectable and humble ensemble of people. Bitching about the walls, the labels, the white wine...and then wheeling in her - obviously well connected - companion to tell 'em how to sell.


Actually, I think Adam, the used-car salesman, could probably teach Hoff and her manpanion a few things about selling, to be fair.

So, I'll round off this evening's rant with a few adjectives I picked a little earlier to describe the objectionable Ms Hoff:

Petulant, arrogant, pampered, talentless, privileged...and for good measure....greedy.


AndyC said...

Do I get the feeling you don't like her then Al??? hehe

I sort of tuned in and out all the way through it, bit of a boring task really. and most modern artists (i do use that term lightly) are usually up their own ar*es anyways, and to be honest who'd buy their stuff anyway?? people with more money than sense i reckon!

Was a tough choice on who would be fired, not one I'd want to choose... oh well onto next week...

N said...

I agree. Hoff was a disaster.

Alex Scarrow said...

Actually, the thought occurred to me after writing this blog, that Elizabeth Hoff was most probably a victim of the editing process - made to look far worse than she actually was.

That really is something one has to keep in mind when watching this kind of show. They will shoot hundreds and hundreds of hours but keep the fifty odd minutes that tells the tale THEY want to tell.

AndyC said...

good point, and i would guess when editing the show they know who gets fired, so they will edit to show him/her in a bad light thus not alienating the viewer with an unfair dismissal.

Anonymous said...

no actually elisabeth Hoff is exactly like that all the time. the editing had nothing to do with it. speaking as someone who has worked for her I can vouch that every comment or observation about her is true.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also have to agree. Having also worked with her I can say that the negative comments about her are true. Not a victim of the editing process at all! And as for her husband - what a nightmare! Wouldn't you just love to have them as friends? Not!