Monday, October 23, 2006

UNDER THE EAGLE....photoshop fun

A movie poster I mocked up for Simon some years back. Can you work out which actors faces were used for Cato and Macro? Bloody obvious really....and shame on anyone who gets it wrong.



Andyc said...

yeah a little mathew broderick and what looks like either bob hoskins or mr gladiator himself russell crowe, although the casting at the botom indicated my hoskins so prob him...hehe

very good! not can we have the film please???? hehe

AndyC said...

and btw i though the book was called Under the EAgle...not Under the Eagles... or is that deliberate..hehe

Alex Scarrow said...

looking at the small print you might have also noticed who was 'cast' for costume design. ;-)

AndyC said...

yeah i noticed, thats your warped sense of humour coming through again isn't it...hehe