Sunday, October 22, 2006

iBLOG let me here's a brand new blog


After eight dutiful months of making regular, incredibly witty, compelling blog posts, building up a huge worldwide audience of regular readers, who signed in daily to avidly devour my scribblings...ahem....iBlog have proven way too unreliable to use.

So now, back to scratch, a brand new blog. Oh well. Still, it looks very nice, and I'm sure we'll all get used to it.

Alrighty then. Anybody whose managed to follow the breadcrumb trail from the old blog to this new one, well done. The coffee's on, help yourself.

And hey, you...yes, you over there! That's right, you - the fella sitting at the computer; do me a favour, please, I'm beggin' ya!!! Reccomend this blog to two people you know, and hopefully I can recover some of that readership I spent the last bloody eight MONTHS BUILDING UP!!!!!

Ahem...sorry about that. Better out than in, s'pose.

Anyway, welcome dear reader. I make this solemn vow; I shall entertain you, intrigue you, maybe even squeeze a chortle - per chance a guffaw - out of you, every now and then. If you'll just come back to me. Okay?

Ach...enough grovelling already. I had you at 'sigh', didn't I?



AndyC said...

I'm first wahey!

al in a thong...urgh! scary site, we could ask his dear wife but i doubt she'd tell us...hehe.

Nice to see a shiney new blog up mate, we sort of missed the old one.

keep up thw wierd and wckay posts... hehe

Parmenion said...

I'm first wahey!

no your not, i responded to the other blog post 22 mins before hahahaha!!

I have to say i missed the blog posts, they make me laugh in the office...even if everyone things im strange for laughing out loud for no reason....but please no more thong comments