Sunday, August 12, 2007


The weirdest thing happened to me in London on Friday. I was in central London, at a cafe/resaurant off Oxford street, sitting outside in the warm evening, under an awning enjoying dinner with my son, wife and niece.

We'd just coompleted our main course - pizzas and bread, and were moving on to ordering pudding. The waitress arrives at our table with a jug of water and four tumblers, places them down on the table, clears our plates away, takes our orders for pudding.

A few moments later pudding arrives, we just start tucking into them when.... of the tumblers exploded, shooting shards of glass across our table, one or two on neighboring tables, shards out on to the pavement. It exploded. It didn't crack as perhaps it might if the glass had just come out of a very hot dishwasher and then be chilled by an ice cube.

It exploded.

Ten seconds of astonished silence followed. Then for some reason, my mind concluded it could only be one thing. A sniper. Obviously now, I feel like a complete tit, but at that moment in time, processing the available my mind, that's the only thing it could have been.

'Sniper!' I blurted. And dragged my family inside the restuarant. The momentary panic spread to a few other customers, who had seen the glass explode, or recieved glass fragments on their table.

And so we cowered inside the restaurant, looking on as pedestrians on the street carried on as normal, cars and mopeds passed....and nothing further happened.

Fifteen minutes later, we all realised there probably wasn't a mad sniper firing from some building nearby, and that perhaps I might have over-reacted. The waiters went outside to sweep up the glass, shaking their heads with bemusement....and I shuffled umcomfortably under the withering gaze of the other restaurant guests.

A somewhat embarressing moment.

Anyway, they knocked the price of desert off our bill, so that was nice.

Still, I really can't explain why that flipping glass tumbler exploded like it did. And at the back of my mind I'm still thinking it was a sniper...not neccessarily some high powered hunting rifle, but maybe a kid with an air rifle? There's really no other explanation I can think of.


mjv said...

It's not JFK it's JK. Don't put Last Light up against the paperback wizard or next time the carafe gets it!

Alex Scarrow said...

Sheeesh! Maybe you're right...maybe it was Harry Potter taking a pot shot at me. Gulp...I can feel the crosshairs of his wand on the back of my head as I type.

Schweinsberger said...

Welcome in Acapulco.

Jon Baines said...

Haha Jk Really cant handle the competition, the bit where blurted out sniper had me in stiches for some reason haha.

Certainly weird though.

AndyC said...

Was there a grassy knoll nearby??? hehe

Very weird event. I've seen glasses do that, but only after they have come straight from the washer had ice shoved straight in it, but not after being on a table like that.

was there traffic nearby at all? could have been a small stone, if these things will shatter windscreens then a glass has no chance.......

Anonymous said...

PMSL...oh jeez alex...thats funny...will i use this to take the p next time i see you...damn right i will.Parm

Anonymous said...

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