Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So today I hit the 50k mark. Officially, I view this as the halfway mark since as far as I'm concerned, anything less than a 100,000 words is too short to think of as a proper novel.

But that's just me...I like a chunky book.

Anything over 100k is good...usually though, I tend to overrun by 20-30k.

I'll be honest. Over the last few weeks I've had writer's block. I really don't know what to put it down to. Whether it's 2nd book paranoia....but for some reason I'm experiencing it on my 3rd? It's been weird and somewhat deppressing. Writer's block is possibly the worst affliction a writer can face. The best way I can describe it for people who don't write is... would be like getting up in the morning, taking the train to work, sitting down behind your desk and completely forgetting how to do your job....just as the phone starts to ring, and the first business meeting you're due to host is about to start. It's bloody unsettling feeling.

Anyway. I think I'm past it now. The words are routinely coming out again at the usual rate of approximately 1,500 a day. And events are moving forward, characters are dying and the blood's being splashed around.

Which is a good sign.

And I'm already seeing in my head, the trailer I plan to make. And that's a really good sign.


AndyC said...

looking good buddy, least your still nearer the happy face than the angry face!

Keep it going mate!

Parmenion said...

Excellent Alex...keep it usual i'm really looking forward to this!!


LeoMagnanimus said...

Hi Alex, you are good, there's nothing to worry about. Anyway you just need to walk a bit on any street of old england and see the faces of the people, and read an old grave's scription or look at the rain to imagine a hole squadron of spitfires or to feel the cold of the winter storm in the artic. You have what is needed so don't despair.

Cheers hombre!

Mike said...

I remember one thing you said to me: just think of the next 500 words as 0.5% of the novel. Break it down into worked for me, got me over the hump and mine's now finished.