Tuesday, February 27, 2007


...society, that is. We messed around with it, experimented with it, tweaked it, and, at some point over the last twenty-thirty years...we went and broke it.

I have to say I agree in part with Cameron, that it's the breakdown of family values that is partially to blame; Labour's insistence that single-mum families, 'blended' families are not only perfectly okay, but to be celebrated...has taken it's toll.

But the problem is way bigger than that - and Cameron's party are guilty too. Who remembers when Thatcher proudly announced, in the heigh-day of her years that 'there is no such thing as society any more'?. She championed the 'me first' attitude that served as rocket fuel for the consumer driven free market vision she had for Great Britain. We all went out and bought houses, filled them with stuff from IKEA, and stuck two fingers up at everyone else who wasn't immediate family or close friends, went inside, closed the door and double-locked it.

And now?...

...we're all stuck in our tastefully furnished little shoe-boxes watching SKY TV, or looking out through the windows at streets filled with roaming hoodies, some packing guns, most packing at least a knife and we're stuck inside bemoaning the fact that - you know what? - we miss being able to talk to our neighbors over the garden fence. We miss stumbling across an impromptu fathers-and-sons football game on the common, with jumpers marking goal posts. We miss being able to amble safely through the town park at dusk.

Society is dead. And some time over the last two decades, during four terms of Conservative rule, and three terms of New Labour, we let our governments kill it.

I miss it...I want it back.

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parmenion said...

im a firm believer in the fact that the only way to fix society is to fix family values and bring respect back.
The only way i think this can happen is discipline schools dont have it chave tend to have chavs for parents or parents who are too busy to care, so fix this for one generation and then it should correct its self through time.

How: National service, the respect for authority and the discipline required for work and life can be learned by a few generations, they will pass this to their kids and so on.
Other wise there are just too many PC morons in too many places to effect any overall change that is not contradicted by others