Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Been working on a teaser video for my debut novel. It seems YoutTube/GoogleVideo are proving to be a pretty good way to get some coverage.

Anyway, the top image is the ol' Dr Strangelove shot - Nazi atom bomb hurtling down towards Manhattan. Rendered in 3d MAX with some post video fx (eg: film grain and motion blur) to make it feel like actual footage.

The second image is part of a montage sequence. This image shows one of the main characters, a Luftwaffe pilot tasked with flying the German atom bomb across the atlantic.

The last piccy is from the title animation sequence...the lettering flies in, and the eagle 'burns' itself into the skyline. Quite effective technique that, and quite...sort of ghostly, in a way. Which is exactly what I was hoping for.

I quite like this one in motion.

Anyway, should hopefully edit this and the other bits and pieces together sometime next week then upload it to YouTube and see if it piques anyone's interest


parmenion said...

this looks great, looking forward to it. Who did you use for the pilot image?

AndyC said...

looks well cool!

the pilot looks like Nigel Havers, but might be wrong...

cant wait for it to appear online!

Alex Scarrow said...

It was a German actor in the movie 'Downfall', he plays an SS Major. I can't recall his name off hand, but I was utterly spellbound by his intense gaze.

AndyC said...

looks like i was wrong...hehe good image though!

John Prigent said...

Looks good! I hope it has the desired result when you post the finished version.